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 Women and Gender in Chinese Studies Review (WAGRev):
Mission Statement

The Women and Gender in Chinese Studies Review (WAGRev) is an online scholarly review journal launched by the Women and Gender in Chinese Studies Network (WAGNet). The reason for setting up this new review journal is to facilitate exchange of information about and assessment of new publications in the field of China-related women and gender studies. In particular, WAGRev encourages exchange across linguistic boundaries by inviting both Chinese and Western scholars to submit book reviews written in either Chinese or English. WAGRev is an interactive site that allows reviewers, authors and readers to engage in scholarly debate about new publications which are felt to be of interest to teachers, researchers and colleagues from across the disciplines. We wish WAGRev to become a site which provokes discussion, stimulates debates, even arouses disagreements – and will be a Must Read for all of us!

WAGRev welcomes reviews of scholarly books on women and gender issues of modern and pre-modern China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Chinese communities outside China. It also welcomes responses to reviews by authors or readers which will be published together with the review under discussion. WAGRev particularly encourages graduate students to submit reviews and participate in discussions that relate to their field of research.

Reviews and responses do not reflect the editor’s opinion. However, WAGRev editors will be responsible for maintaining those principles which are vital to scholarly debates, such as reasoned judgement, constructive criticism and courteous language. Contributions that do not adhere to scholarly standards or civility of dialogue will not be accepted for publication. The editor of WAGRev is appointed by the WAGNet steering committee for one year.

The copyright of reviews rests with the authors.

 Mission statement