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Rural Women in Urban China: Gender, Migration, and Social Change by Tamara Jacka, Australian National University (2006)

Based on in-depth ethnographic research -- and using an approach that seeks to understand how migration is experienced by the migrants themselves -- this is a fascinating study of women in rural China who joined the vast migration to Beijing and other cities at the end of the twentieth century. For complete contents or to order, please visit the publisher's website at www.mesharpe.com.

Women of the Kakawin World: Marriage and Sexuality in the Indic Courts of Java and Bali by Helen Creese, University of Queensland (2005)

In this fascinating study the lives and mores of women in one of the least understood but most densely populated areas of the world are unveiled through the eyes of generations of court poets. The book draws on the epic kakawinr poetry tradtion spanning more than a millennium to explore the idealized images of women and sexuality that have pervaded Javaness and Balinese cultural descriptions up to the present day. For complete contents or to order, please visit the publisher's website at www.mesharpe.com.

Marriage, Gender, and Sex in a Contemporary Chinese Village by Sun-pong Yuen, Pui-lam Law, and Yuk-ying Ho, all Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Translated by Fong-ying Yu (2005)

This book explores changing concepts of marriage and gender relationships and attitudes toward sex in a rural Chinese community over the past five decades. The work is based on a study of an industrialized peasant village in Guangdong Province, and features personal accounts of people's relationships, including three different marriages from different generations. For complete contents or to order, please visit the publisher's website at www.mesharpe.com.

Oral History Series No. 85 20th Century Wartime Experiences of Chinese Women, compiled by Lo Jiu-jung, Yu Chien-ming, Chiu Hei-yuan, Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China, 2004. Note: in Chinese.

Little scholarly attention has been paid to the impact of wars on Chinese women in the 20th century. Drawing on original interview data, this book sets out to reconstruct the history of Chinese women, based on their personal experiences during the wars. The book contains three main parts with a preface, postscripts, and an index. For those who are interested in an abstract and a list of content of this book, please visit website (in CHINESE): http://www.sinica.edu.tw/~women Anyone who wants to order the book from outside Taiwan, please contact: mhbooks@gate.sinica.edu.tw


Women in the New Taiwan: Gender Roles and Gender Consciousness in a Changing Society, edited by Catherine Farris, Anru Lee (California State University, Sacramento), and Murray Rubinstein (Baruch College), M.E. Sharpe Inc., 2003

In this volume, the issues facing Taiwan's women's movement are placed in a social, political, and economic context. The book examines gender relations, the role of women in Chinese society, and issues related to women in China throughout history. Feminism and gender relations are also viewed from the context of film and literature. The authors look at the contemporary roles that women play in Taiwan's work force today and how the sexes perceive each other in the workplace. The role of women during Taiwan's industrialization and their role in the island's industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors are discussed. Different facets of feminism and the women's movements in KMT Taiwan and Communist mainland China are compared. The contributors outline the evolution of issues raised by women activists and the concerns of Taiwanese women.


The Art of Love, GVA 2002

The three-part exhibition on "The Art of Love" (Liebeskunst. Liebeslust und Liebesleid in der Weltkunst)" of the Museum Rietberg Zurich (01.12.2002 - 27.04.2003, see http://www.rietberg.ch ) is accompanied by two publications: (1) the exhibition catalogue (covering more than 200 items from the classical graeco-roman world, persia, india, tibet, china, japan, america & africa) and (2) the new translation into german of two mawangdui texts on sexual body techniques, titled "tian xia zhi dao tan" and "he yin yang", together with a short introduction, and the revised transcription of the chinese text.To order internationally, go to http://www.rietberg.ch/ort/ort_index.htm and click on 'publikationen' > 'bestellung'; to order from Germany or Austria, visit your nearest bookseller or order direct from GVA GmbH by fax (+49 - 551 4 13 92) or telephone (+49 - 551 48 71 77).


Cinema and Desire: Marxist Feminism and Cultural Politics in the Work of Dai Jinhua, Dai Jinhua (edited by Jing Wang and Tani Barlow), Verso, 2002

An English translation of Dai Jinhua's collected essays. Contains the following:

Jing Wang and Tani Barlow. Introduction

Dai, Jinhua. "Severed Bridge: The Art of the Sons' Generation." Trs. Lisa Rofel and Hu Ying.

Dai, Jinhua. Postcolonialism and Chinese Cinema of the Nineties. Harry H. Kuoshu.

Dai, Jinhua. Scene in the Fog: Reading the Sixth Generation Films. Tr.Yiman Wang.

Dai, Jinhua. Gender and Narration: Women in Contemporary Chinese Film. Tr.Jonathan Noble.

Dai, Jinhua. Human, Woman, Demon: A Woman's Predicament.Tr. Kirk Denton.

Dai, Jinhua. Redemption and Consumption: Depicting Culture in the 1990s. Tr. Edward Gunn.

Dai, Jinhua. National Identity in the Hall of Mirrors.Trs. Eileen Cheng and Shu-mei Shih.

Dai, Jinhua. Invisible Writing: The Politics of Mass Culture in the 1990s. Tr. Jingyuan Zhang.

Dai, Jinhua.Rethinking the Cultural History of Chinese Film. Tr. Lau Kin Chi.


Gender Equality and Peacebuilding: An Operational Framework, Beth Woroniuk, Canadian International Development Agency, 2001

This document is designed to provide guidance to organizations working in the field of conflict management (which includes prevention, containment, resolution, reconciliation and reconstruction). It is an attempt to draw operational lessons from our increasing understanding of the inter- relationship of gender equality issues, conflict and peacebuilding. It is based on a review of reports and published sources and sets out questions to be asked and issues to explore.


Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women: The Twentieth Century, 1912-2000. Lily Xiao Hong Lee (ed.). M.E. Sharpe (2003)

This volume contains 250 biographies of women active from 1912 until 1990, although many of the biographies include information current through 2000. In addition to biographies of internationally famous Chinese women, the editor was also able to include a far greater range of women than would have been previously possible because of the enormous amount of historical material and scholarly research that has become available in the past few decades.


Creative Women of Korea The Fifteenth to the Twentieth Century. Young-Key Kim-Renaud (ed.). M.E. Sharpe (2003)

This book introduces important contributions in the humanities by a select group of traditional and modern Korean women, from the 15th through the 20th centuries. The literary and artistic works of these women are considered Korean classics, and the artists and writers range from a queen, to a courtesan, to a Buddhist nun, to unknown women of Korea.


Marriage and Family in Taiwan: The Widow's Perception. Hsu Min-Tao. Modern East Asia vol. 1, no. 1 (January 2002)

This essay intends to comprehend Taiwanese women's perception of marriage so as to elucidate how Taiwanese culture constructs their reality and affects their social actions toward marriage. From the widows' narratives, we will see how the sociocultural value on womanhood of Taiwan's specific cultural context propels the widows into a vulnerable situation. In this paper, the author first summarize the characteristics of women's status predominate in traditional Chinese society. Then she reports how Taiwanese women perceive their marriages. In addition, three other themes attached to women's perception of marriage are also discussed: one man in a lifetime, dependence, and subordination. This is followed by a description of how they feel no choice but fit in to this socially constructed reality and an analysis of how traditional Chinese cultural ideology of familial continuity helps to shape this coping strategy. Finally, the author concludes that cultural ideology of marriage forms the natural context and the reality surrounding a woman.


The Chinese Women's Movement Between State and Market. Ellen Judd. Stanford: Stanford University Press (2002)

This is the story of how the women's movement in China took advantage of the government's official efforts to position women in the rural economic reforms of the 1980s to achieve a significant and ever-increasing role in China's developing turn toward a market economy, which was not the state's intent (Publisher's description, obtained from www.amazon.com).


Gentlemen's Prescriptions for Women's Lives: A Thousand Years of Biographies of Chinese Women. Sherry J. Mou. M.E. Sharpe (2002)

An enlightening source for studying Chinese women of the Imperial era as well as for understanding Chinese womanhood in general. By contextualizing these biographies the author shows us these women not just as the complaisant figures that adorn Confucian texts, but also as products of the Confucian tradition's appropriation of women.


Legacies of the Comfort Women of World War II. Margaret D. Stetz and Bonnie B.C. Oh. M.E. Sharpe (2001)

This volume contains a cross-section of responses to the issues raised by the former comfort women and their new visibility on the international stage. It focuses on how theorists, historians, researchers, activists, and artists have been preserving, interpreting, and disseminating the stories of the comfort women and also drawing lessons from them.


Notable Women of China: Shang Dynasty to the Early Twentieth Century. Barbara Bennett Peterson (ed.). M.E. Sharpe (2000)

The collaborative effort of nearly 100 China scholars from around the world, this unique one-volume reference provides 89 in depth biographies of important Chinese women from the 5th century B.C.E. to the early 20th century.


Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women: The Qing Period, 1644-1911. Clara Wing-chung Ho (ed.). M.E. Sharpe (1998)

The first biographical dictionary in any Western language devoted solely to Chinese women.


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