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Minutes of Steering Committee Meeting, December 2003

Minutes of the steering group meeting of WAGNET

Held at at Warwick University on 05/12/03

Present: Nicola Spakowski, Maria Jaschok, Anne Gerritsen, Carolyn Ford, Red Chan

Absent: Cecilia Milwertz, Fiona Moore, Harriet Zurndorfer.

Person designated to follow up certain actions is indicated in boldface and square brackets

  1. Prague

    1. Harriet Z. reprimanded that we were giving her the ‘wrong impression’ that the Prague conference was a sure thing. Maria explained that Mr. Wong of CCK did indicate the approval for another graduates conference. When Olga came to Oxford, it was based on the understanding that she was to observe for the purpose of organising the Prague conference. It is possible to make another graduate thesis workshop in Chinese studies, divide it into several section, e.g. general section (particularly for grad students in Eastern Europe, Gender section, Methodological section in primary discipline (e.g. anthropology, sociology). We agree that this workshop should offer opportunities for grad students around in Eastern Europe. Timeline: we might want to move the conference to 2005, not 2004, also too close to Heidelberg.
    2. Communicate with Olga: (a) that the Workshop be moved to 2005; (b) that we make the Workshop more general; (c) Publicity by Carolyn and Red; (d) Anne, Nicola and Maria will help in other issues and logistics; (e) Timeline to be prepared; (f) ask Harriet Z. to write a support letter to Mr. Wong [Maria]
    3. Heidelberg: advertise WAGNet.
    4. What needs to be done, by September 2004? Making use of Heidelberg.

  2. EACS 2004 Conference in Heidelberg:

    1. Procedure is different from what they did at Moscow
    2. Applicants send abstract to the Central Committee, then that will be transferred to the Panel convenors, who make the final decision.
    3. Deadline for abstracts: 28 February 2004.
    4. Make CFP via WAGNet website.
    5. No limit for number of participants.
    6. Encourage people to organise panels.
    7. Utilise the WAGNet listserv to communicate with each other.
    8. Letter to the organiser to book a venue for WAGNet for one hour. [Maria]

  3. Review journal:

    1. Bibliography: work with Jacqueline. Add a link. Or make it a bibliography of bibliography.
    2. Jacqueline’s project: Nicola can enquire if we could collaborate in any manner. Could we share the database?
    3. Student-led, on-going project, list is up to 1999/2000 only, leave it as it is.
    4. Marina Thornborg might be able to give us another list. [Nicola]
    5. Angelina Chin could help us. [Maria]
    6. Links with Hong Kong’s Network for Women [?].
    7. Languages: Chinese, English. Selling point!
    8. PDF for the uploaded articles?
    9. There are 2 parts, both of which require moderators: (a) on-line review; (b) interactive forum.
    10. 2 Chinese articles can be posted already: (a) Du Fangqin on current state of women’s studies in China; (b) Shui Jingjun’s response to Li Xiaojiang’s edited volume, where a male historian makes upsetting comments on Muslim society and Islam.
    11. Prepare about 15 articles for the launch of the journal, in summer 2004.
    12. Nicola agrees to be the Executive Editor for 2004-5. Does not want to do it for the rest of her life.
    13. Editorial board [13]: 李小江 (Li Xiaojiang), Tamara Jacka, Louise Ewards, Tani Barlow, Gail Hershatter, Jens Damm [?],Cecilia Milwertz, H.Z., Maria Jaschok, Anne Gerritsen, Metchild L., Carolyn Ford and Red Chan.
    14. Other possible editors: Elizabeth Sinn, 李贞德 (Jender Lee), 杜芳琴 (Du Fangqin), Celina Chan.


    1. Draft of mission statement and guideline. [Nicola]
    2. Contact editors for consent and commitment. Draft the letter of invitation for editors.
    3. Searching for potential contributors: Carolyn Ford, four from Taiwan.
    4. Ask H-Asia how to acquire the copyright. [Carolyn]
    5. Fiona Moore be informed of our move and plans [Maria]

  4. Future of WAGNet

    1. Search for more contributors, e.g. names of graduate students, to the listserv.
    2. Nicola’s student collecting contacts and addresses of women’s studies centres in China; news items; etc.
    3. Funding? Can try British Academy. Lu Ying [Maria]
    4. Will have another executive meeting next year, at Heidelberg.
Administrator: Maria Jaschok
Webmaster: Fiona Moore
Contact WAGNet: wagnet@herald.ox.ac.uk