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Minutes of Steering Committee Meeting, December 2002

Minutes of the steering group meeting of WAGNET

Held at at Warwick University, Room H402, Humanities Building on 14/12/02

Present: Anne Gerritsen (AG), Maria Jaschok (MJ), Fiona Moore (FM), Nicola Spakowski (NS), Harriet Zurndorfer (HZ)

Absent: Cecilia Milwertz (CM).

  1. Website

    The website and online member database are now being run off the Oxford server at the top-level academic domain name of www.wagnet.ox.ac.uk.

    1. how to get more contributions

      It was agreed that the main issue in getting members to contribute seemed to be the need for 1) more face-to-face contact and 2) more publicity for the network.

      Action: More attention to be given to WAGNet events, and to the possibility of obtaining website material from these. Also MJ to write an article for the IIAS newsletter

    2. course syllabi/articles/links

      Action: Various committee members have agreed to submit reading lists, articles and/or links to FM for inclusion in the website.

    3. bibliography

      NS suggested an online searchable bibliography, and presented an already-extant forty-page bibliography to use as a basis.

      Action: FM and NS will together develop this into a searchable bibliography, with the possibility of developing one to which members could add submission suggested as a future possibility (although this is at present unfeasible).

    4. Other suggestions

      HZ suggested a separate section of the Working Papers page for Ph.D. synopses.

      Action: FM to concentrate on a) developing the grants and positions database; b) refinements to the member database; c) developing and expanding resources. HZ's suggestion deferred until we acquire sufficient material.

  2. Graduate Thesis Workshop 2003

    MJ reported on progress in conceptualising Workshop and in making contact with Funders:

    1. The application for the workshop has been finalised
    2. MJ has obtained a seed grant from the Standing Committee representing East Asian Studies at Oxford University; she has also submitted an application to the British Academy and been in contact with the CCK Foundation in Taiwan
    3. MJ has contacted Charles University in Prague to explore a follow-up Graduate Workshop in Prague, possibly in 2005
    4. The first announcement of the Graduate Thesis Workshop will be made in January, followed by a call for contributors and a dedicated website.
    5. St Anne's College, Oxford, has been chosen as the venue

    Action: Apart from the announcements and publicity material (MJ, FM and Red Chan to carry these out), MJ together with Red and Carolyn Ford are to continue to organise the workshop and start the process to select candidates, solicit discussants, etc.

  3. Heidelberg Conference

    1. Date: August 2004
    2. NS and Mechtild Leutner confirmed as conference convenors.
    3. The significance of discussants was underlined as well as the need to provide for sufficient time for general discussion.

    Action: First announcement to be made after the first EACS call for papers. EACS Board members who are also WAGNet members are to keep the convenors informed of developments.

  4. Funding Applications

    1. Leverhulme

      Initial application rejected; reason given that the application was too all-encompassing and not in line with Leverhulme funding priorities.

      Action: It was agreed to revise and resubmit our earlier application to Leverhulme on a more specific topic and/or for a more specific set of actions: MJ and AG to prepare the application.

    2. Asia-Europe Workshop

      It was suggested that WAGNet should submit a proposal to the Asia-Europe Workshop, but after discussion it was decided that the conditions stipulated by the proposal did not suit WAGNet's present needs.

    3. Other options
      1. European Union

        Action: FM to investigate the EU website for possible funding opportunities

      2. Chinese Government

        Action: MJ to investigate possibilities

      3. AHRB (and other national funding bodies)

        Action: All participants to keep an eye out for opportunities for funding networks and/or workshops.

      4. British Academy

        Action: A proposal will be drafted (provisionally by AG and MJ) for the British Academy's grants for workshops and conferences (due Sept. 30), on the basis of decisions taken below.

  5. The "Mansion Model" Conference Proposal

    HZ proposed holding a workshop, based on the NEH summer workshops, of seven to ten days in duration at a country house or other secluded location, which would have great potential for networking, publication and the presentation of papers.

    Action: It was decided that we should think of a theme and submit proposals to obtain funding for such a conference. All members are to consider and propose suitable locations.

  6. A.O.B.

    1. Themes for workshops

      Action: It was decided to go ahead with a proposal for 3-4 annual workshops/conferences on relatively specific topics, suggestions were put forward for "Diaspora en-Gendered" and "Women's Bodies and Boundaries in China: Sexual, Social and Symbolic Transitions." MJ and AG to pursue, with advice and feedback from all members.
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