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Minutes of Steering Committee Meeting, August 2002

Minutes of the steering group meeting of WAGNET

Held at RAS in Moscow on 27.8.2002

Present: Cecilia Milwertz (CM), Maria Jaschok (MJ), Nicola Spakowski (NS), Anne Gerritsen (AG)

Absent: Harriet Zurndorfer, Fiona Moore.

  1. Website.

    1. protection of material on posted website. Members need to know their material is safe.
    2. We would like everyone to be able to share the feedback and discussions following on from posted materials.
    3. We will try to gather and post reading lists and syllabi on our site.
    4. Sponsors need to be listed.
    5. Members of the steering group need to be listed on the site.

      1. action: MJ to discuss these matters with Fiona.

  2. Funding.

    1. action:

      1. AG will communicate with Harriet about experiences of Leverhulme funding.
      2. NS will ask Mechthild about German sources of funding, and check other possible sources of funding in Germany.
      3. CM will investigate possibilities for Nordic network funding to supplement possible Leverhulme funding.
      4. MJ will look into possible Oxford University funds with the help of Professor Glen Dudbridge, and check the CCK foundation.

  3. Upcoming conferences.

    1. Singapore would not be actively pursued at the moment.
    2. Heidelberg will be led by Nicola and Mechthild

      1. The conference will first be announced when minutes of this meeting are posted. The second announcement to Wagnet members will be made before the summer of 2003. The statement will state clearly what we are looking for, i.e. an engagement with gender studies.
      2. The Wagnet members on the EACS council will discuss issues of timing at the board meeting.
      3. NS will consider the issue of having a chair and discussant for each panel.
      4. Would Barbara Mittler in Heidelberg be willing to cooperate? action: NS to get in touch.

  4. Graduate workshop.

    1. MJ will work with Harriet on setting this up at Oxford.

  5. Next meeting.

    1. Before we meet again, AG will draft an initial proposal for Leverhulme and ask for feedback.
    2. For the short term, and for several practical issues, MJ, FM and AG will meet in Oxford, probably early in October.
    3. Our next meeting will take place after we hopefully have received an invitation for a full application.
    4. A steering group meeting could then take place December 6-7-8 at Warwick in England. action for all: please check date and see if independent funds for travel to Warwick can be found. Our funding will pay for accommodation and subsistence.
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