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Women and Gender in Chinese Studies Network: Minutes of General Meeting, 2002


Minutes of the WAGNet meeting held on August 27, 2002, at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, during the XIV EACS Conference.

Chair: Cecilia Milwertz
Minutes: Anne Gerritsen

  1. Website. Maria Jaschok introduced some of the recent thoughts and plans related to the WAGNet website, and proposed the following ideas to the meeting:

    1. If members would be interested in a "virtual seminar", the website developer (Fiona Moore) could receive papers, and put them up on the website as .pdf files. This would allow members to share their work, exchange comments and feedback, and engage in an active dialogue.
    2. In response to several requests, any submitted papers and the ensuing discussions would be password protected, and hence only available to members.
    3. To increase the number of links available from the website, members were asked to send any suggestions they might have for interesting and useful sites. Members were also asked to put a link to the WAGNet website on their own homepages.
    4. To make the site really work in terms of members finding out about shared interests and current research projects, we need more 'keywords' for each member. Please add as many terms and keywords as possible under the heading 'research interests' under your personal details.
    5. All members are invited to use the site to publicize new publications, to share readings lists and syllabi, and to make any other useful announcements.

  2. Funding. Anne Gerritsen discussed the issue of funding for the network:

    1. The network has already received a grant of £5000 from the University of Warwick. This money will allow us to pay for continued website management, and for a steering group meeting held at Warwick. A condition of this grant is that a substantial funding application is made within one year.
    2. In the coming months, plans will be developed to make an application at the Leverhulme Trust.
    3. Members were asked to communicate to us if they have any experience of funding applications they might be willing to share, or know of any possible sources of funding at their own institutions and in their own countries.

  3. Panel convenors for upcoming conferences. Members were asked if they were interested in acting as panel convenors for upcoming conferences in Singapore (ICAS 2003) and Heidelberg (EACS 2004).

    1. Mechthild Leutner suggested a focus on social history from a gender perspective for the Heidelberg conference. Mechthild Leutner and Nicola Spakowski agreed to act as joint-convenors for the Women and Gender section at this conference.
    2. If members not present in Moscow are interested in attending ICAS III in Singapore, and might be willing to represent WAGNet there, please let us know!
    3. The problems of timing and scheduling at the Moscow conference were noted, and every attempt will be made to avoid this at future conferences.

  4. Graduate workshops on women and gender. After the successful workshop on women and gender held in Leiden under the guidance of Harriet Zurndorfer several years ago, Harriet proposed to hold further workshops of this nature.

    1. Maria Jaschok proposed that Oxford host such a post-graduate workshop in the future. This offer was gratefully accepted, and Maria and Harriet will work on this together.

  5. Steering group. It was decided that in order to facilitate organisational matters and to delegate tasks and projects to suitable persons, it would be useful to have a steering group. It was decided that this would initially consist of Maria Jaschok, Cecilia Milwertz, Nicola Spakowski, Harriet Zurndorfer, and Anne Gerritsen. Fiona Moore, in her capacity as website developer, would also be part of this group.

  6. AOB.

    1. It was decided that WAGNet meetings would be held at all EACS conferences.
    2. Maria announced that Nora Sausmikat will post a report on the "women and gender" section at the conference on the website. Any papers that received less than due attention due to the scheduling problems could also be posted on the website.
    3. Mechthild announced that Berliner Chinahaefte could be a forum for the presentation of conference reports and reviews of books.
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