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Women and Gender in Chinese Studies Network: Minutes of Steering Committee Meeting, 2006


Minutes of the WAGNet meeting, held on January 23rd, 2009 in Bristol, UK.

Present: Alessandra Aresu, Anne Gerritsen, Marianne Hester, Maria Jaschok, Mary Mazzilli, Julia Stone

1. Apologies, Withdrawals and Welcome

The withdrawal of WAGNet founder member Cecilia Milwertz was formally accepted with great regret. Steering committee members recognized her enormous contribution and expressed their deep gratitude. Marianne was asked to write to Cecilia thanking her for all her work.

Nicola Spakowski extended her apologies. She was unable to attend the workshop due to illness.

It was agreed that Maria would contact Denise Gimpel to ask whether she wishes to continue on the steering committee.

The committee also expressed it thanks to Fiona Moore for her untiring but invisible work as webmaster, particularly her efforts in combating a recent hacker invasion of the website. Maria mentioned Fiona’s recent involvement in Chinese studies and expressed her hope that she would in future take part in workshops and other activities. She said she would write an Email to Fiona.

Mary, Alessandra and Julia were welcomed as new steering committee members.

It was decided to put some photos of the steering committee on the website. It was agreed that each member would submit pictures and a maximum of four lines of text. Alessandra agreed to coordinate collecting the material and sending it to Fiona.

2. WAGNet Workshop

It was felt that the numbers in Bristol were just right and that in future there should be a maximum of 12 participants. Having a more informal style for discussants had worked well. There was a discussion of the so-called nursery session on the last morning for less advanced candidates. It was felt that while the workshop should retain its policy of being for advanced students, exceptional upcoming students should also be given places. Marianne said that she was appalled at the lack of supervision some students received.

3. Workshop Report

It was agreed to place a brief report and photo of the workshop on the WAGNet, BICC and CEAS sites. Mary offered to write the report and Julia said she would edit it. It was agreed that it should be sent to Julia by Feb 6th and that Julia would forward her version to Maria, copying the whole group.

4.Next Workshop

Everyone said Bremen would be the ideal venue despite the last minute letdown in 2007. Maria praised the extensive work and preparation done by Nicola. It was felt that if Nicola were prepared to do so, she should be supported in reapplying for CCK funding. Marianne said she would write and ask Nicola for her views. It was pointed out that two of the Bristol participants were Taiwanese, which was the reason for the funding being turned down last time. Milan was also considered as either a suitable alternative venue should Nicola not wish to make another attempt, or as the successor to Bremen.

5.Possible Publication of Papers

Everyone accepted that this was a huge task and that it would not be possible to publish the papers at the workshop.

6. WAGRev

News that Nicola had agreed to carry on as editor was greeted with loud applause. It was felt that maybe we should remind people that they could submit reviews.

7. Website

Maria informed everyone that the website had been invaded by malicious hackers. Only the prompt intervention of Fiona and her intensive efforts had prevented the website from being closed down. Maria says she goes to the website regularly to check it.

Since the website was now 8 years old, Maria said that she felt the content should be revised. She and Fiona would edit it.

8. Invitations

Julia said she and Nicola had discussed drawing up invitations to send to people to join. This would prompt people who had either forgotten or been too busy to sign up. It was agreed to send a copy of the proposed wording to the committee. It was felt this text could be included as part of an Email thanking all the workshop participants for coming. Maria said she would do that.

9. WAGNet List Server

Membership has now reached 300. Maria stressed we need more new members.

10. AOB

Maria said she would like other colleagues to assist in sending details of gender events and matters of interest to list serve members. Alessandra said if she were sent details of the mailing servers Maria used, she could send on their information.

Administrator: Maria Jaschok
Webmaster: Fiona Moore
Contact WAGNet: wagnet@herald.ox.ac.uk