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What does WAGNet do?

  • WAGNet brings together people working in the field of gender and China to help  researchers exchange information and keep up to date with developments and publications.  
  • The WAGNet databases and mailing list are available for members to disseminate and update pertinent information on work in gender and Chinese studies
  • The WAGNet News Blog makes available news of workshops, conferences (that is, of any event anywhere in Europe of relevance to the Network), funding and fellowship opportunities and calls for papers in the areas of gender and China.
  • The WAGNet Website gives information on new publications in all European languages within women's/gender studies in China; publication details are accompanied by a short synopsis of content.
  • The purpose of WAGnet is to facilitate communication and the exchange of ideas and information.



The Women and Gender in Chinese Studies Network (WAGNet) was inaugurated on the 12th August 2001 in Berlin.

'We were motivated into action by the relative invisibility of women's and gender studies scholarship at the European Association of Chinese Studies (EACS) conference in Torino (2000) where only a minority of European scholars and students in the field were present. We feel that the time has come for a stronger, concentrated presence. The website will provide a central, accessible site for information, knowledge, communication, facilitation and action to reach beyond linguistic and national barriers to common concerns and priorities. The Network will be what members wish to make of it.

'Our concern is to link European scholarship in Chinese women's/gender studies, in all its linguistic diversity. While a main aim is to bring together European scholars, so that we know who is working where, in which disciplines and on which issues, the Network is open to our colleagues in Asia and other parts of the world. We will also be integrating this Network, as quickly as possible, into the global network of China-related women and gender studies for wider access and communication.'

--Maria Jaschok and Cecilia Milwertz

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The WAGNet Logo

A stylised "nü ren" whose strokes merge the two characters with each other and with the circle surrounding it, symbolising a worldwide network of scholars with an interest in Chinese women and their issues.

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